About Tourist Research Center


The Tourist Research Center (TRC) was founded in the mid 1960s by a small group of researchers who felt the need to meet and exchange experience of research in tourism. Their decision at the time was to a great extent a reaction to larger organizations and their conferences, in which participants tended to talk at each other from the platform rather than confer and discuss. The first meeting took place in 1965 in Brugge.


The mission is double; firstly to promote exchange of research experience in tourism and secondly other forms of co-operation among its members.


Members work in higher education and in other centres, as independent researchers and consultants. Their background is in economics, other social sciences, and in related fields. They share a common interest in a wide spectrum of tourism research. New members are admitted who can demonstrate a record of significant involvement in research in tourism. They should be accepted by the General Assembly of the TRC . As the size and the structure of membership the center aim to have, in order to fulfill its aims and to funtion effectively, not more than about 30 members (excluding honorary members), not more than 4 members per country and not more than 2 members per center. The working language is English.


A regular annual meeting, organised by members in different countries, is the main activity of TRC. But for most members the network extends beyond the meetings, and also provide contacts for information and mutual assistance with their studies on projects. Importantly, the Center is seen by its members as a club, while mutal understanding, respect and friendship have grown among them.

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